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for all questions regarding online banking
Phone: +49 7541 304-445
(daily from 8:00 a.m. until midnight)

Blocking information

Have you lost your IBB Mastercard or was it stolen? React fast to prevent possible abuse.

You will need the following information to block your credit card:

Name and postal address
- If possible, date of birth

Blocking service for IBB Mastercards (first data)
Phone: +49 69 793 319 10

Blocking service for debit card
Phone: +49 1805 021 021


Keeping you safe
during your online banking
is important to us!

In order to reduce the security risks, we constantly improve our existing security procedures or replace them with newer ones.  Currently the following TAN- systems  are at your disposal.



  • Mobile phone (only possible with german mobile providers)


  • Different channels (PC and mobile phone)
  • Confirmation of transactional data by SMS
  • TAN only valid for one transaction


  • 0,10 Euro per SMS


  • Activate using the TAN-administration of Online-Banking
  • Order and activation within the bank



  • NetWorld-Card or BankCard
  • TAN-Generator


  • Different channels (PC and mobile phone)
  • Confirmation of transactional with the TAN-Generator
  • TAN only valid for one transaction


  • 10,00 Euro for the TAN-Generator incl. Vat. (once-only)
  • 10,00 Euro every 4 years for the NetWorld-Card


  • Order and activation within the bank

Introduction of new 3D Secure procedure for your credit card

To enhance security for your payments on the internet, we introduced the 3D Secure process MasterCard®SecureCode™ on Oct. 5, 2016.

It will help you to secure your purchases through your credit card, mobile phone or computer even better.

A short overview of the purchasing process:

  • As usual, you buy something online with your credit card.
  • You will receive a TAN to your mobile phone via text message. The TAN is only valid for this one purchase.
  • A window confirming your purchase will appear on your screen.
  • You check the details of the purchase for correctness both on the screen and in the text message and release the payment by answering an additional security question.

Your benefits:

  • High security standard
  • Simple and fast
  • No separate software needs to be installed

The TAN will only be sent by text message to the mobile phone number which is identical to the mobile phone number that you have registered with us in advance. So you can be sure that only you can use your credit card for online purchases. Only your account manager can change your mobile phone number for you. With the change-over to mTAN a new limit for your credit card will be implemented, the so-called “e-commerce limit”. The e-commerce limit specifically applies to payments on the internet. To be able to use your credit card straight away, we have pre-defined a limit of EUR1,000 for you. However, we will be delighted to change your e-commerce limit individually. Please sent a written request to your account manager. You can have your limit for internet purchases reduced to EUR0.00 if you are sure that your card is never used for payments on the internet. If you have questions while registering for the 3D Secure procedure MasterCard®SecureCode™ please contact our hotline +49 69 7933 - 2555 which is available 24/7.Please register in advance for the MasterCard® SecureCode™ Registration information