These terms regulate access to and the usage of the information and material provided on the internet platform of Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG (IBB AG). Furthermore, the legal framework conditions and the editors in charge are indicated.

By using the website, the user accepts the terms of use as binding.

The use of the web presence provided by IBB AG is done on the basis of the following terms.

1. Information provided
a) A great variety of information is made available to the user on the website of IBB AG. In part, this information comes directly from IBB AG. Other parts are put at the user’s disposal by cooperation partners of IBB AG (third parties).

b) IBB AG cannot guarantee that information, for instance financial data and corporate news, is immediately updated. When times are mentioned, please keep in mind the corresponding time zone.

2. Disclaimer / liability
Within reasonable limits, IBB AG is trying to provide correct, up-to-date and complete information on its website. IBB AG does not guarantee that the information published on its website is up-to-date, correct and complete.

3. No contractual offer and no consulting
a) The content of this web presence neither represent a contractual offer nor any type of consulting on the part of IBB AG. Products and product information are provided in a non-binding fashion. This information does not contain any guarantees or other assurances.

b) The website does not provide advice on financial or other matters. It does not replace proper consulting services. Non of the contents of the presentation is to be considered a recommendation for making or failing to make a transaction without requesting consulting services taking into account the customer’s needs. This particularly applies to the calculation tools, which can only provide standardized information but no individual advice.

c) On this website, contracts about the delivery of goods or the provision of services including financial services, are not concluded unless IBB AG explicitly asks the user in the corresponding request form to enter a transaction number (TAN) in connection with the corresponding personal user ID. c) By filling in the provided online forms, the user does not conclude a contract about the delivery of goods or the provision of services including financial services, unless IBB AG explicitly asks the user in the corresponding request form to enter a transaction number (TAN) in connection with the corresponding personal user ID. Only contracts, in which the user makes recognizable statements vis-a-vis third-party providers, are excluded. The user might give a contractual declaration, which might result in the conclusion of contracts even without being prompted by IBB AG to enter a transaction number (TAN) and a personal user ID.

4. Orders by internet banking, e-mail or online form
The online forms used on this website exclusively serve to make non-binding inquiries. Orders will only be accepted and processed by IBB AG when they are entered through the corresponding banking function after prior identification of the user via the user ID and the TAN.

5. Regulation on third-party content
Only some content is made available on the website of IBB AG.

6. Links and frames
a) Links of third-party content on sub-sites, sub-directories or files from the website of IBB AG are permissible after prior written approval by IBB AG. The same holds true for the integration of content or parts of content in third-party content using frames (embedded windows).

b) IBB AG is not liable for contents which are directly or indirectly connected by links. IBB AG has not authorized the contents of the websites connected through these links. They are not continuously checked by IBB AG. IBB AG does not embrace these contents.

7. Changes
IBB AG reserves the right to change or complement the information provided without prior announcement as long as the user can reasonably be expected to accept the changes, taking into account the interests of IBB AG.

8. Copyright and rights of use
a) IBB AG, or in individual cases, third parties, have the copyright to the content of this website. All rights are reserved. Any user of the website has the right to temporarily save or download the content of the website completely or in part, with the exception of pictures and charts. The permanent storage and the duplication of the contents require IBB AG’s approval. The same applies to the use of this internet content for the user’s own internet content. The mandatory approval can be requested from kontakt@ibb-ag.   

b) With respect to the pictures and charts made available on the website: The pictures and charts made available on this website are proprietary. Any permanent storage, alteration or dissemination is prohibited and shall have consequences in case of infringements.

9. Data protection
IBB AG handles personal data responsibly. Personal data is collected, processed and used in compliance with the applicable national and European data protection regulations, particularly the Telemedia Act. See also: Privacy statement of IBB AG.

10. Choice of law
Only German law is applicable.

11. Printing and saving these terms of use
These terms of use can directly be printed and saved, for instance by using the printing and/or saving function in your browser.